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9-Ball Ring Game Tournament May 7th 2016

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I have had the question asked of me if "Pro Women" will get the handicap of extra starting chips. As in all of our tournaments that Sunset Billiards put on, any kind of handicap is for the normal or less practiced player to get them more involved, not to give any kind of “Pro” player an unearned advantage. We give women a handicap to get some of the local and not so local women involved in the world of pool tournaments. I would love to see some women get into the top 5 at the end of a tournament, however I do not think that any "Pro Women" would need or deserve an extra handicap. Around this area, there are not very many if any women that play as strong as the top male players. On the same hand, there are not many if any of the male players around here that play as well as any of the "Pro Women". Again this is not rocket science; the handicap is to get more of the fairer sex involved in what is mostly, at least for right now,  a man’s world. Yes, I know that was sure a lot of word just to say “no”.





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